Welcome to the home page of T Bruce Bowers.  A place to find out what the hey I do.

Well, rock, pop, blues and jazz come to mind first, but a little country, bluegrass or Celtic can show up every now and then in small doses. Just don’t expect me to wear a skinny tie and cowboy boots all the time.

Sit down relax a little and I hope you enjoy your visit.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Just wanted to thak you for a great concert with ronnie last weekend at the Ohio Brown County Inn.
    It was a pleasuer to meet you and enjoyed the music.
    Thanks Again !

  2. This your harried host t bruce trying doing do his level best to keep with all the experiences I am having out on the road with Ronny and Rad. Pretty pitiful so far. Can’t even figure out how to put a picture in here from my phone. Let me just say that I am so happy and grateful to be living this life and making music all over the country. Wish me some techno luck in figuring out how to share better with you.

  3. Where can I buy some of your music? Do you have CD’s available? I tried Golden Ring Folklore music center in Manitowoc WI (they have EVERYTHING) online goldenringmusic.com but didn’t see your name. I just heard you for the first time in Wisc. Rapids WI and HAVE to hear more. VERY impressive. Fantastic musician. I found Ronny & Radoslav’s music but what about you?
    Thanks for your help… June

  4. Hey June, What can I say, what really great excuse can I come up with to explain being 3 months late in replying……I guess none. I truly apologize. Been traveling a bunch with Ronny and Rad, and working on 3 new recordings. Finished a live recording of the Ronny Cox Trio. We did it in Shreveport LA. It’s available here:


    Also working on a project with Aurora Baer:


    and a duo project with Ric Gillman. We call ourselves Barefoot Wonder and you can hear some of the tracks here:


    Aurora’s project (which features a lot of me, we’re basically a duo with drums and bass), and Barefoot Wonder will be done this winter. Will keep you posted.

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